Buying and Selling Homes during this stay-at-home period
The buying and selling process can continue during this period but you should be aware that the process is likely to take longer than normal. You are free to continue to accept offers on your property, however the selling process may take longer. Advice for people to stay at home and away from others means you should not invite visitors into your home, including prospective buyers or professionals such as valuers or estate agents.

Once you have exchanged contracts, you have entered into a legal agreement to purchase that home.  If the property you are purchasing is unoccupied you can continue with the transaction.  If the property you are purchasing is currently occupied, we recommend that all parties should work towards a mutually convenient completion date taking into account any special measures that may be required due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and of the risks presented by the virus.

Please contact us to discuss your personal circumstances.