10 year doubling ground rent review clause in your lease?  At last there is good news.

The negative media attention of the last few months has severely reduced the value of doubling ground rent investments and this has in turn dramatically reduced the price for you to buy your freehold or extend your lease to totally remove the ground rent.

If you have been offered the opportunity by your freeholder to convert your existing 10-year doubling ground rent review clause for a 10-year Retail Price Index clause for no payment,  you could be better off rejecting this offer and buying the freehold/extending the lease.  By converting to a 10-yearly Retail Price Index rent review clause the value of your property is still going to be compromised, especially as the government plans to ban leasehold houses and ban ground rents on new build flats.  This will create a two-tier market which will make selling leasehold properties with ground rents more difficult in the future.