A Will is a legal document that allows you to state what should happen to your assets when you die.  Without a Will, there is no guarantee your wishes will be carried out, or that your estate will go to those intended. 

Making a Will should be considered for many reasons and most commonly those reasons are to ensure that your wishes are reflected on death and gives you peace of mind as to the distribution of your assets. Other reasons to name a few can be for inheritance tax saving, appointing guardians for young children and setting up provision for a disabled child. At J Scollan & Co Property Lawyers we are experienced in Will drafting and related advice and we can deal with small and complex estates. We can discuss your circumstances and  often advise on how best to achieve your wishes.

You can find will forms in the relevant sections bellow. Please fill these out when requesting our will drafting service.


Last Will and Testament

 Everyone with property or assets should consider making a Will.

Many people do not realise that their loved ones may not inherit their estate if they do not make a Will.  Do not leave it to change or to the Government to decide make a Will and ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your specific wishes.

We provide a straight forward easy procedure and our fixed fee includes meeting you at our office, drafting the Will for your consideration, preparing the final copy of the Will and providing witnesses to your signature at our office for your convenience.

We will also store your original signed Will in our safe free of charge for life.

Please telephone the office to obtain our Will instruction form or download the form to complete and return to us to get started.

 Living Wills/Advance Statement

A Living Will otherwise known as an Advance Statement sets out your wishes during your lifetime and is usually in respect of potentially life sustaining treatment.

An advance decision should be made in writing and it is good practice to give a copy to those involved in your care including your loved ones and your GP and medical team need to know about your advance decision so they can include it in your medical notes.  You should review it regularly, and you can change it at any time.  You must make sure that you clearly communicate and record any changes, being sure to date and sign it.  If you want to refuse potentially life-sustaining treatment your decision must be in writing, signed, witnessed, and include the statement ‘even if life is at risk as a result.’

Please telephone the office to obtain an instruction form or download the form  to complete and return to us to get started.




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